Real Madrid: What Marco Asensio can contribute to Real Madrid on his return

Real Madrid MBP School and MARCA take a look

What Marco Asensio can contribute to Real Madrid on his return

Marco Asensio’s return is something that Real Madrid have been waiting for with a lot of anticipation.

Los Blancos’ pre-season plans heavily relied on the Spaniard, whose injury in July against Arsenal forced Zinedine Zidane to rethink things.

Now that he’s on his way back, MARCA and MBP School have taken a look at what he can offer to the side now that he’s back.

It’s usually players on the transfer market that MBP School analyse, but Asensio doesn’t fall into that category.

Unlock space from deep and unsettle defences

It’s not something that is often spoken about with Asensio, but the Mallorca-born player has the ability to get his teammates moving by identifying spaces to move into.

It’s something that really causes opposing players problems, and it opens up a number of options for Real Madrid.

* Key to penetrating a defence from deep.

Coordinate with teammates

In order to exploit the spaces, he has to work with his teammates.

Helping Karim Benzema’s famed movement is incredibly important, and Asensio is excellent at combining with his attacking partners.

This allows for either Asensio himself or another Los Blancos player to capitalise on openings.

Key for teams who don’t use a static, more traditional No.9.

Attacking the most effective space

Lastly, Asensio’s characteristic of moving around the penalty area needs looking at.

He’s capable of occupying advantageous positions in order to open up chances for Real Madrid to finish from.

What he does he is largely determined by the position of the ball which, naturally, determines the location of the defenders.

This allows him to score with relative ease once the ball arrives to him, as he’s already well placed.

* Key for every forward moving into the penalty area.

Summary of Asensio’s skillset:

* Creating space for unlocking defences and making deceptive movements to open up attacking channels.

* Sitting deep in order to attack inside space in front of a defensive line allows for attacks to cause problems.

* Coordinating with teammates allows for them to move forward and cause danger together.

* Intelligently attacking the most effective space in order to get into the most likely scoring position depending on where the ball is at a given moment.

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