Real Madrid: Tralhao: Florentino Luis is very similar to Casemiro

Real Madrid Lots of interest in the midfielder

Tralhao: Florentino Luis is very similar to Casemiro

Florentino Luis is one of the most exciting prospects in Europe, with the likes of AC Milan, Manchester United, Sevilla, Real Betis and even Real Madrid having been linked with the Benfica midfielder.

Joao Tralhao coached Florentino in the youth ranks at Benfica and he made an interesting comparison between the Portuguese and a current Real Madrid midfielder.

“[He has] an exceptional talent and physical qualities totally in line with his footballing qualities,” Tralhao said in an interview with Bernabeu Digital.

“[He] has a very similar profile to Casemiro.

“From very early on, we realised that Florentino was on his way to becoming an elite player.”

When asked about a hypothetical transfer to Real Madrid, Tralhao confessed that Florentino would be a “logical choice” for the club.

The 20-year-old is valued between 18 and 20 million euros, and his agent, Bruno Carvalho, told ESPN that clubs in England, Italy and Spain are interested in Florentino.

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