Lewis Hamilton: I’m the first working class F1 world champion

Formula 1 His proudest achievement

Lewis Hamilton: I'm the first working class F1 world champion

Lewis Hamilton has been hitting the headlines a lot in recent weeks and he is back in focus after a recent interview.

The English Formula 1 driver spoke about his roots and explained that he sees himself as the first F1 world champion who came from a modest background.

“I was the first working class F1 champion,” he told Men’s Health when asked about his proudest achievement.

“I’m proud to have paved the way for others.

“One of my favourite phrases is ‘You can’t be what you don’t see’.

“Anyone who sees me on the podium, even if it’s a child, can be inspired to follow their dreams.

“If that happens, I’ll have done my job well.

“Diversity is a problem that Formula 1 has to face up to.

“I want to do my part in helping the sport make progress, not only by inspiring others but also by collaborating to create more opportunities for people from different communities.”

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