Maybe the worst is over. We must not let our guard down, but the data on the evolution of COVID-19 seem encouraging. However, it would be unforgivable not to treasure what we have experienced. It is right to get out of it better, relying on one of our most precious resources: memory. And helping our planet can be a good way to start again.

Thanks to Rapusia it can be done at no cost: it is a beneficial search engine, with the same characteristics as well-known competitors, but with one difference: the proceeds are donated to humanitarian bodies and associations. In a few months, Rapusia has embraced the beauty of 24 projects, all of which can be consulted on the home page.

A month ago, at the start of the initiative, there were only four associated initiatives. It means that Rapusia has been so well-liked that it has quintupled the membership. By consulting the various projects, the user can choose the favourite (or the one closer to his sensitivity), giving it his “heart”. From that moment on, the proceeds from each search will go in the chosen direction.

Over 70,000 searches have already been made through the search engine, but that’s not enough.

So, Tennis World Foundation and Coppini Trading (promoters of the initiative) have studied a system to make access to Rapusia even easier: for a few days now, the Rapusia-branded smartphone applications have been running. They are available for both on iOS and Android platforms.

This is a crucial step for the diffusion of the project, since portable devices are now an extension of our arms. They allow us to stay connected at all times, constantly. The app is not a simple search engine, but a real internet browser, with the same functions as the well-known Chrome, Safari or Firefox. By installing Rapusia on your device, and using it as your default browser, each search will have a beneficial purpose.


It is difficult to displace established habits, but anyone who has used Rapusia is more than satisfied. And he is happy to lend a hand to the planet, avoiding that the money deriving from research can end up in the hands of private companies, for profit.

Let’s try to make a mental step, simple but decisive: is it better to donate to a multinational company or to support social, environmental, support and protection projects by nature and animals? The question is rhetorical, yet the answer is not yet obvious. You want out of laziness; you want because it’s not easy to abandon a habit. The truth is that with Rapusia nothing changes in the use of the smartphone, but the difference occurs outside our display.

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