Call of Duty: Warzone | Coalition vs Allegiance | Benzema or Aubameyang?

Call of Duty: Warzone has continued to grow since its launch in March, with more than 60 million players heading to Verdansk to fight it out in the Gulag.

Warzone offers players two different experiences. The first of these is “Battle Royale”. 150 players air-drop into the game’s Verdansk map and the squads must eliminate one another while fleeing a deadly ring of gas. The last player/squad standing at the end wins. This mode can be played in solo, duo, trio or quad modes.

Plunder mode also features 150 players in squads. However, instead of simply eliminating enemies, players must compete to loot “Cash” found scattered across Verdansk. Eliminated players drop any Cash they had, allowing you to steal it, and furthermore, you can even complete in-match Contracts in order to earn bonus Cash.

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The game features two main factions of the Operators: the Coalition and the Allegiance. Both factions include a variety of Operators to choose from. The Coalition is a multinational alliance that consists of operators from SAS, Warcom and Demon Dogs, while the Allegiance is made up of the remnants of the Russian Forces in Urzikstan, foreign mercenaries and rogue NATO soldiers.

And while the Operators are getting famous among the gamers, has teamed up with Call of Duty to make the “Coalition vs Allegiance” ultimate team. The concept consists on choosing 11 characters from both the Coalition and Allegiance who are featuring in Warzone.

We’ll then analyze the specific traits of each character and potential Footballers who fit the mould and resemble well with the character. The audience will be involved by voting for their favorite Operator-Footballer combo to make it feature in the Ultimate team.

Warzone - Benzema

For our new poll, we are going to be looking at Wyatt from the Coalition faction and Mace from the Allegiance one.

Wyatt – Benzema : Benzema is no ordinary striker and his impact on the team is much greater than scoring goals alone. He is terrific while holding up the ball and drawing the attention of the opposition in order to free up space for his team-mates. Wyatt, like the French striker, is a true team player. He makes the sacrifices required to help his team win. Not being the star of the show does not bother him, as long as his team is victorious.

Mace – Aubameyang : Aubameyang is famous for his explosive speed, ability to score with both feet and strong aerial presence, all of which make him one of the most lethal strikers in the world. Mace, is a quick operator who is usually in the right place at the right time. He is merciless with his opponents and, as Aubameyang often dons a mask during his celebrations, Mace will wear one during battle, never willing to give anything away.

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