Atletico Madrid: Five substitutions: A new weapon for Simeone

Atletico Madrid He almost always uses all of his subs

Five substitutions: A new weapon for SimeoneChema Rey

Diego Simeone will be one of the LaLiga Santander coaches most excited by the additional substitutes allowed in the post-COVID-19 world.

The Argentine has given increased importance to substitutions at Atletico Madrid this term, and being allowed to make two more per game is something that he’ll likely look to take advantage of.

“It’s clear that people who enter a second half fresh end up being more decisive,” Simeone insisted on Saturday.

“The group depends on them more than ever.

“Five minutes is a lot, every minute has a lot of value.”

So far this season Simeone has failed to use all three substitutes in just two of the 38 games Atletico have played.

In numerical terms, he’s used 97.74 percent of the substitutions available to him, noticeably more than the 76.47 percent he used last season.

His first season on the bench saw him use 70.97 percent, then it became 82.14 percent in his second.

After that, there were three seasons of him using 78 percent of the permitted substitutes before rising to 84.48 percent and 89.83 percent.

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